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Welcome to LSD DREAM EMULATOR WikiaEdit

This is about a strange game that was made in 1998 in Japan. It seems to have a secret ending after three-hundred and sixty five days (Unconfirmed) . The game was made based on the producer Osamu Sato's, a staff member at Asmik Ace entertainment's, dream journal, which he had kept for a decade. The game also has a small cult following, because of the morbid/disturbing nature of some of it's content. It's gathered quite a fan following and has sparked interest into those into the stranger side of gaming. 

It has a level of disturbing content and thus received a D rating (Equivalent to the ERSB's M rating, in other words, it's for 17 and above)

What is this wiki about?Edit

This wiki catalogues both factual information about the game as well as speculation. The project had a while ago been abandoned leaving the pages as stubs of low quality grammar and spelling wise. However, Suprememessage has rebooted the project, and it is hoped to one day contain a great deal of info about the games as well as stories about said game. This wiki focuses on cataloguing fact, fan fiction, and speculation about the game. For this reason, some of the articles contain pieces from other sources, this is so that we can have a solid basis to build upon, since this wiki is about the fandom aspect of the game for the most part. This wiki is unique in that it attempts to catalogue fan stories, fan art, and all of those related as well as some info on the game itself. We have a category for fan fiction and one for speculation, so that you can tell the difference between the three while reading.

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