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• 1/10/2014

Adopting the wiki

If that's alright with the one active memeber I saw here :P
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• 1/17/2014

I don't really see the point. I just revised a couple articles for the hell of it, I haven't herd from any of the members here.

• 1/18/2014

Not like the other wiki was particulary active. Also I don't see the point of this wiki, it's basically identical to the other, so I was thinking I can make something else out of this... Myabe dump all the rumors and creepy-pasta style shit here to keep it off of the other one. Like a lore wiki or something perhaps.

• 2/1/2015

This wiki might be confused with . It is not my decision if this wiki should be migrated from and removed, but unless anyone objects, this wiki should be considered as redundant and abandonned (no offence!). Please take the opportunity to write here if you see a reason to keep this wiki.

There is some content (mainly pictures) that could be migrated. What I suggest is either that this wiki is locked (made readonly) so that users are forced to use the more active wiki or that all redundant content is deleted from this wiki. Blocking anonymous users from writing and putting a notice on the start page could be a first step.

• 3/5/2016

Hm I don't remember ever posting this. But I guess I'm actually trying to adopt it now. Evidently because Lolster1 logged in recently (despite not having made an edit since 2011) I may not get the request granted. Lol.

I also haven't edited enough. Mostly because there's nothing to edit here. Because it's a copy of the other wiki. Where I have edited. Contributing here is a waste, since it would be better served on the more active wiki.

I'm looking to take over so that I can migrate it in the future, or at least make sure everything stays archived. But apparently despite being a literal duplicate I have to contribute here more. I really don't see why, it's the exact same as the other wiki, except spelled badly.

Edit: And by badly spelled I don't just mean the wiki name. Most of the article names have the wrong titles/names.

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