Q: A few LSD Dream Emulator wikis already exist, why make this one?

A: Most of them (Including this one) were dead for long periods of time. In addition, other wikis for LSD Dream Emulator do not deal with speculation or fan fiction, this one does. That is why many articles are directly quoted from other LSD wikis, this one deals with copypastas, creepypastas, the game itself, and other things.

Q: Where is Lolster1?

A: I have no clue. He just kind of disappeared a while back, and I've been the lead Admin ever since, if you have a problem, report it to me. Lolster hasn't been here in forever.

Q: Can I post my own fan fictions/copypasta/creepypasta/speculation about LSD as it's own page?

A: No and yes, you are allowed to post fan fiction, copypastas, and creepypastas as their own pages. If it's speculation about a canon topic, it goes on that subject's talk page or in your blog, it's up to you.

Q: This wiki is dead, isn't it?

A: No, it's just been rebooted, activity will be slow for a (hopefully) short amount of time, however, it will eventually be active if we can lure the right kind of attention.

Q: The grammar and spelling are horrible here and the articles are stubs.

A: I know, it's a problem I've been trying to fix, but as you may know, I'm only one person, for this reason, feel free to add any info you have and correct any grammar or spelling mistakes you find. Lolster1 wasn't the most proficient in English.